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Executive Chairman

How was True Hearts Connection Mentoring & Befriender Scheme started? Well, the history relates back to 1995. When I was the President of Nanyang Technological University Students’ Union (NTUSU), I collaborated with BP Singapore to initiate the NTUSU-BP Mentoring Program. That was my first contact with the Mentoring Program. daniel_chew.jpg (13665 bytes)
Executive Chairman, Daniel Chew
As my understanding of the program deepened, I began to feel the impact and difference a mentoring program can make to both the mentor and the mentee. In 1997, with the support of a group of warm-hearted young executives who shared the vision to serve the needs of the less privileged in our society, I initiated the Scheme in partnership with BP Mentoring Program after I graduated from the University.

My co-workers and myself had just commenced on our career paths, and you would appreciate the tremendous pressure we faced. As our peers were focusing on building successful career or relationship, we were spending time to strive towards a goal of which tangible benefits were not forthcoming.

Despite all the severe constraints, we held steadfast and firm to our vision, determined to launch the Mentoring Program into a new dimension.

"Through the Hottest furnace comes the Purest gold" And we did. On 20 June 1998, the Scheme was officially launched by Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee, Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs. We knew that our efforts had paid off as we looked at the proud mentors, who had completed their one-year service, standing on the stage, receiving tokens of appreciation from their mentees. In turn, these mentors commissioned the new mentors who had taken over their roles to continue furthering the spirit of mentoring.
No doubt, the path ahead of us is tough. Nevertheless, we believe that mentoring will be an effective tool to address the rising juvenile delinquency in our society.

Thus, with a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers, holding steadfast to our common vision, I am confident that together, we can make a difference!

Daniel Chew
Executive Chairman

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